EUSR National Water Hygiene

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EUSR Nation Water Hygiene

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  • EUSR, Water Hygiene, EUSR Course, Training Course


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Course Description

This is a EUSR National Water Hygiene Course.

The National Water Hygiene scheme is recognised by the UK water industry. It plays as a crucial part in ensuring the protection of public health and promoting safe drinking water practices. It is illegal to supply water which is unsuitable for human consumption.

Water companies across the UK now mostly require the use of the National Water Hygiene card, created in 2006; the ‘Blue Card’ replaced all water company specific hygiene schemes. It also eliminated the need for workers to undergo separate testing and health screenings, and the need to hold numerous cards. This card would be for anyone entering a clean water site, or participating in operations on the clean water network, whether they are in contact with the water or not.

Any person working on a restricted operations area at sites must possess a National Water Hygiene card to demonstrate competence and their understanding of safe water hygiene practice. The same training package is delivered to both direct employees of water companies, and all contractors that work on the restricted operations sites including self-lay organisations working on new developments.

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