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“Stan made sure I was up to date with revision for the environment unit, even during lockdown. His preparation was extremely useful and as a result I got 100% in the test!!!
Darren Barrett
Notting Hill Genesis Trainee Plumber
“I would like to thank Dave from TenDean for all the help and support with getting me through my NVQ Level 2 in Bricklaying. The company I have been working with have now offered me a full time job!!!”
Robert White
Notting Hill Genesis Apprentice bricklayer
“I would like to say thank you to everyone at Tendean! I cannot put into words how amazing they have been through the whole process, I cannot stress how much they have done for me and my career, all I can say is thank you!”
Jack Kennedy
Apprentice Plumber Joe Brennan Training
"Excited but overwhelmed was how I felt as I embarked on my Level 4 Management Diploma, but Tendean Ltd and in particular Dave supported me every step of the way. Their patience and understanding never floundered and got me to the PASS I have today"
Michele James
Denbre Ltd
"Dear Dave, I would like to thank you, Jason and Stan for helping me complete my NVQ Level 2 in plumbing. Your team has been very professional, organised and helpful. I felt very confident whilst doing my apprenticeship thanks to you guys. You have all helped me every step of the way. Stan made sure that I was up to date with revision for the environmental unit, even during the lockdown. His preparation was extremely useful and as a result, i got 100% in my test. Jason contacted me constantly in order to help me out with my portfolio. I could send him pictures late in the evening and on the weekends and he would immediately reply and give me positive feedback which was very encouraging. He also sent me lots of plumbing work examples which gave me me ideas of work that I needed to do and put in my portfolio. Finally, I would like to thank you Dave for making sure that progress was being made in my portfolio. You kept in contact, giving me advice on how I can achieve my goal within the 6 months. Most importantly, you put together a very supportive team to help me complete my NVQ Level 2. I am very grateful for you all for helping me achieve this qualification. Darren Barrett"

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